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Sensors for Medicine and Science Inc

20451 Seneca Meadows Parkway
Germantown, MD, USA

Category: Scientific & Technical Instruments

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Sensors for Medicine and Science Inc (SMSI) is engaged in developing enabling chemical sensing technologies based on fluorescence sensing. It is focused on developing and commercializing transformative glucose monitoring products that enable people with diabetes to confidently live their lives with ease.

Sensor's patented technologies permit highly sensitive detection and measurement of molecules of significant commercial interest to the medical, industrial and environmental communities. Its technology platform enables performance that surpasses that of existing sensor technologies, and permits the development of new sensor applications. The technology is potentially applicable to a wide range of molecules to be measured (analytes), medically relevant analytes, for example, include glucose, oxygen, carbon dioxide, pH, nitric oxide, lactate, and anesthetic gases. The company's fluorescence chemical sensing systems are divided into two key technologies which include: fluorescent indicator chemistry and electro-optical hardware package. It has also developed two distinct hardware platforms that enable a broad range of uses which include: wired design, used in the SMSI Oxygen Sensor is a platform designed to have a direct electrical connection to supporting electronics; and wireless design, used in SMSI Glucose Sensor is a platform designed to draw power and report its measurements via a proprietary telemetry technology.

Sensor's product portfolio includes: SMSI® Oxygen Sensor, a miniature solid-state transducer that uses fluorescence to measure oxygen partial pressure and SMSI® Glucose Sensor, designed to automatically measure interstitial glucose every few minutes, without any user intervention and communicates wirelessly with a small external reader. The company's novel sensor technology may be used to detect other chemical species besides oxygen and glucose.

Sensors's investors include: New Enterprise Associates, HealthCare Ventures, Rho Capital Partners, Anthem Capital, Abingworth Management Limited, Greenspring Associates, and Delphi Ventures.