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SNBL Clinical Pharmacology Center Inc (SNBL CPC)

800 West Baltimore Street, 5th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201, USA

Category: Analytical Services (CRO); Toxicology Services and Analysis; Clinical Trials Services (CRO)

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SNBL Clinical Pharmacology Center Inc (SNBL CPC) is a contract research organization focused on phase I/IIa complex clinical pharmacology research. The company's mission is to facilitate and accelerate drug and medical device development through collaboration and high quality research. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, Ltd.
SNBL Clinical Pharmacology Center has expertise in a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas, including: CNS, women's health, infectious disease, immunology, cardiovascular, metabolic disease, ophthalmology, urology, nephrology, etc. Its clinical trial services include: first-in-human studies, dose escalation, bioavailability / bioequivalence, pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic (PK/PD), drug-drug interaction, food effect studies, vaccine development, novel delivery systems, radio labeling / mass balance, challenge studies, receptor occupancy, etc. The company is specialized in providing capacity available guarantee(TM), rapid set-up program, flexible reporting formats and real-time tracking, expedited sample turnaround, flexible trial protocol and configuration, etc.

SNBL Clinical Pharmacology Center has partnerships with UPM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and University Medicines International, LLC.