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Spezzano' s Castle

Via del Castello, 12
Fiorano, Emilia Romagna 41042, IT

Category: Villa&Castle

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The fortess it is attested for before the time in the archival historical sources, to year 1228, in one rubrica of the Statutos of the Common one of Modena of 1225, in which, between the others, nomination "I castrate Spezani". The castle, probably already present from the sec. XI, it was inserted in the immense system fortified, constituted from the fortilizi of Rocca S. Maria, Fogliano, Nirano, Tower of the Geese, Fiorano. In these centuries of the low medieval period, under the lordship of "From They break before" and of "From Castle" then, the castle was constituted from shapes works them much simple: a width encircled of walls, along which ergevano the towers, the mastio, some rural house of room, the sink that assured the water refueling in case of I above all besiege and granaries, barns, and warehouses where the deep coming from harvests from the surrounding ones were conserved.


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