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Spherix Incorporated

6430 Rockledge Drive #503
Bethesda, MD, USA

Category: Biotechnology/Biopharmaceutical

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Spherix Incorporated is developing biopharmaceutical products and providing technical and regulatory consulting services to food, consumer products and pharmaceutical companies. It was launched in 1967 by Gilbert V. Levin, with a mission to create and grow shareholders value through innovations that benefit its clients and the human condition. The company's subsidiaries include: Biospherics, develops and commercializes proprietary health, drug, and medical products and processesl and Spherix Consulting provides the necessary strategic, regulatory, and scientific support to its clients for the purpose of securing their successful market position by assuring the safety, regulatory compliance/approval and benefit of their products.

Spherix's Biospherics is specialized in the application of chiral carbohydrate chemistry and has developed an extensive pipeline of candidates across a broad range of therapeutic indications. Its clinical candidate, D-Tagatose is a naturally occurring simple sugar being developed as an oral treatment for glycemic control in patients with Type 2 diabetes and other indications. Biospherics pipeline products include: SPX 7233801 for the treatment of atherosclerosis, SPX-8522876 for the treatment of Dyslipidemia, SPX 10624258 - Metabolic syndrome, SPX 8818309- Obesity and SPX 8818440 - Diabetes.

Spherix' Spherix Consulting provides expert support throughout the lifecycle of its clients' products. It provides scientific and strategic support for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers of conventional foods, biotechnology-derived foods, medical foods, infant formulas, food ingredients, dietary supplements, food contact substances, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer products and industrial chemicals and pesticides.

Spherix has collaborations with Inalco S.P.A, Anaclim, LLC, Gleneagles CRC Pte Ltd, Yeshiva University, and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).