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Stem Cell Medicine, LLC

20271 Goldenrod Lane, Ste 2062
Germantown, MD, USA

Category: Gene/Cell Therapy; Stem Cells

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Stem Cell Medicine, LLC develops biological tools for basic science, drug screening and therapeutic development. It has been established by Tsuneo Kido on November 9, 2004. Their mission is to provide new therapies using stem cell technologies for patients with diseases lacking any effective treatment or cure.

Stem Cell Medicine invented a new type of human neural stem cells, which can differentiate into oligodendrocytes which are important for neuronal function. The company is developing a new cell-based therapy for patients with spinal cord injury and congenital demyelinating diseases.

Stem Cell Medicine, based on their human neural stem cell technology, is developing drug-screening systems for neurological disorders or mental disorders. The target diseases for drug-screening systems are: Multiple Sclerosis, Depression and Alzheimer disease. The company also prepares commercial products of human, mouse, and rat oligodendrocyte related cells for basic research.