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Stenico (Valli Giudicarie)

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Category: Villa&Castle

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It's a example of stilistiche commission, finding all the transformations endured between the XIII and XIV century. Manufactured and courtyards they are ollowed rather it enlivens to you, it leans you to the town-walls building southern and enclosed from the sturdy external curtain towards north. To the external courtyard the Romanesque palace shows oneself, interesting to notice as this portion of Castle is present in frescoes of the month of January in Tower of the Aquila in the Castle of the Buonconsiglio to Trento. In I fresco notices also the tower of the hunger, the nucleus more ancient than Castel Stenico. Of the 1200's it is also the nail head of S. Martino, that it contains pregevole cycle of frescoes sacred of Romanesque school. Manufactured that they encircle the castle is of the 1300's and the 1400's.


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