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Sterilex Corp

111 Lake Front Drive
Hunt Valley, MD, USA

Category: BioManufacturing; Research Services & Supplies; Suppliers (CRO)

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Sterilex Corp develops antimicrobial, anti-biofilm and decontamination products for infection control, biofilm removal, biodecontamination and chemical decontamination. Its mission is to be a leader in developing and marketing innovative, safe and cost-effective anti-biofilm, antimicrobial, cleaning and decontamination products to maximize health, safety and productivity.

Sterilex Corp's patented platform technology is based upon PerQuat(TM) technology alkaline peroxygen phase-transfer chemistry which has the unique ability to penetrate and remove biofilms, kill microorganisms in biofilms, and remove organic contaminants. This chemistry is also effective in decontaminating chemical contaminants including nerve agents, organophosphorus pesticides and carbamates.

Sterilex Corp provides solutions for food and beverage protection, dental water protection, water treatment, animal health and environmental remediation. Its products includes: Sterilex® Ultra disinfectant cleaner (liquid), Ultra-Kleen CW502 Powder Biocide, Sterilex® Ultra-Kleen solution I & II (liquid biocide), etc.

Sterilex Corp has collaborations with Ivesco, LLC.