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SynBuild was established in June, 2009 when the Arizona Board of Regents granted approval to transfer technology to SynBuild, LLC pursuant to a License Agreement between AzTE and SynBuild LLC.

Dr. Alexandre Y. Borovkov is an Associate Research Professor at ASU’s The Biodesign Institute (the “Institute”). Dr. Kathryn F. Sykes is an Assistant Professor at the Institute and an Assistant Professor of ASU School of Life Sciences. Dr. Andrey V. Loskutov is a Senior Research Scientist at the Institute.

Drs. Borovkov, Sykes and Loskutov (the “Founders”) are the co-founders of a company called Synbuild, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company (the “Company”). Subject to ABOR approval, AzTE will transfer certain technology in
the field of gene synthesis produced by the Institute to the Company pursuant to the License Agreement. The technology transferred by ASU/AzTE will provide the basis for the Company to further develop and commercialize the technology.

The technology underlying SynBuild was presented at a recent conference in Hong Kong:

Alex Borovkov*, Andrey Loskutov, Kristen Day, Jose Cano Buendia, Kevin Brown, Preston Hunter, Kathryn Sykes. SynBuild, an accurate high-throughput gene assembly platform that uses microarray synthesized oligos. Synthetic Biology 4.0"