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Systems Pathology Company, LLC

220 North Market Street, Suite LL1
Frederick, MD, USA

Category: Diagnostic/Imaging

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Systems Pathology Company, LLC (SPC) develops automated digital imaging software tools for use in toxicologic pathology and pathology-related analyses. It was formally established in January 2006 to target, acquire, develop, validate and commercialize software technologies to augment traditional toxicological pathology methods.

Systems Pathology's CAPS(TM) development strategy systematically builds comprehensive analytic applications for toxicological pathology. Each application was developed to provide validated software that easily integrates into traditional toxicological pathology workflows.

Systems Pathology's CAPS(TM) partially automates three key functions of toxicological pathology: HistoQC(TM): this software conducts quality control screening of H & E histologic sections prior to pathologist evaluation and/or automated analysis; HistoPATH(TM) is adaptive software, its sensitivity and specificity increases as it is used by a particular client and a solid database of historically accepted, normal control tissues is established; and HistoPATHDx(TM): this software separates normal from non-normal tissues and provides specific tissue change/lesion identification and quantification for an expanding list of tissue changes and organs.

Systems Pathology's partner is Aperio Technologies Inc.