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Talamone Castle

Orbetello, Toscana, IT

Category: Villa&Castle

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The ancient town of Talamone rises on a promontory at the southern extremity of the Uccellina Mountains (national park), settled in a dominant position on the Tyrrenic coast. The site was an important settlement since the ancient times: first Etruscans (traces of the city of Tlamu have been discovered on the 'Talamonaccio' hill in 1888, not too far from the actual suburb) and then Roman. At the end of the last century returned to the light important architectural rests of this age: a pagan temple of the 225 A.C., built in commemoration of the victory [528 AC]of the Roman troops of Attilio Regolo against the Barbarian invaders (these vestiges are now preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Florence), the cemetery of the same battle, graves of the 200 AC, ruins of the thermal baths and, in the nearby valley of the river Osa, rests of a bridge with four arcades.


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