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TessArae LLC

46090 Lake Center Plaza, Suite 304
Potomac Falls, VA 20165, USA

Category: Diagnostic/Imaging; Research Services & Supplies

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TessArae LLC is a diagnostics company developing microarray-based tools and services for the simultaneous detection and definitive identification of hundreds of natural and emergent viral and bacterial pathogens, for medical and scientific research, and clinical diagnostics. It was founded by Clark Tibbetts in 2005 to develop and commercialize comprehensive differential diagnostic technology for the detection of infectious disease agents.

TessArae's TessArray® RPM (Resequencing Pathogen Microarray) technology detects and identifies numerous pathogens from clinical and environmental samples, enabling characterization of multiple co-infecting pathogens and elucidation of novel sequence variants. Its RPM technology is unique in that direct nucleotide sequence is generated from pathogen-specific targets or loci present in the sample.

TessArae's TessArray® RPM products are high density, high performance microarrays based on the Affymetrix® CustomSeq® resequencing microarray platform. The company's TessArray Products include: The TessArray RPM-Flu Array - provides comprehensive coverage of Influenza, including avian influenza, providing genus-, species, serotype- and strain-level information; The TessArray RPM-TEI Array - provides comprehensive detection of CDC Category A, B, and C threat agents; and The TessArray RPM-HFV Array - provides complete genome resequencing of numerous hemorrhagic fever viruses to strain level identification of known and unknown isolates. It has created several custom designs for microbial detection and identification based on RPM assay technology, including: Agriculture Applications: agriculture public health and food safety, Human Health: public health and personalized medicine; and Pharma: microbial analysis for GMP. It has created several custom genetic testing designs to detect specific mutations in human genes, including SNP's (missense and nonsense mutations), insertions and deletions, which are linked to genetic disease pathology.

TessArae has an agreement with Galil Genetic Analysis, Ltd.