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Tetracore Inc

9901 Belward Campus Drive
Rockville, MD 20850, USA

Category: Diagnostic/Imaging; Research Services & Supplies

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Tetracore Inc is a biotechnology research and development organization that develops diagnostic reagents and assays for infectious diseases and biological warfare (BW) threat agents. Its mission is to create and develop highly diagnostic reagents, assays, and instruments for the detection of infectious diseases and bio-terrorism threat agents. The company focuses on veterinary, domestic preparedness, clinical, antibody and ELISA products.

Tetracore offers highly-specific, rapid, antibody-based test kits and antibody reagents for the detection of BW infectious agents and toxins; real-time, probe hydrolysis Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test kits for sensitive and specific detection of animal pathogens.

Tetracore's products include: RedLine Alert ™ - an antibody-based test kit for use as an aid in the clinical laboratory identification of Bacillus anthracis colonies; BioThreat Alert® - antibody-based test kits for the detection of biological terrorism-related infectious agents and toxins in suspicious samples, including tests for anthrax, plague, tularemia, botulinum toxin, ricin toxin, and SEB toxin; VetAlert™ - real-time PCR and rt-PCR kits for use in detection of bacterial and viral pathogens of animals, including tests for Foot-and-mouth disease virus, West Nile virus, and Classical Swine Fever virus; Tetracore® Real-Time PCR reagents and portable PCR thermocycler – to analyze potential threats for the rapid confirmatory analysis of potential BW agents and high-impact veterinary diseases; etc.

Tetracore has alliances with FASgen Diagnostics LLC and FASgen Inc.