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The EMMES Corporation

401 North Washington St., Suite 700
Rockville, MD 20850, USA

Category: Clinical Trials Services (CRO); R&D Services

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The EMMES Corporation is a contract research organization that is dedicated to providing statistical & epidemiological expertise, computer systems development, data management, study monitoring, regulatory guidance, and overall operational support to clients in clinical and biomedical research. It was founded in 1977.

The EMMES operates, and maintains a powerful, state-of-the-art system of servers and client computers. It has created standardized, shared, and reusable software components and productivity-enhancing tools for internal project personnel and the customers it serve. This approach minimizes the risks associated with new product development. The company's portfolio includes the design and coordination of multi-center, multi-protocol clinical trials networks for Phase I - IV studies and disease registries.

The EMMES specializes in providing support for complex clinical projects. The company has designed and deployed a secure Internet-based Participant Eligibility, Enrollment and Randomization System. It offers a complete information technology solution in support of all phases of medical research and clinical trials to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies; academic and medical research institutions, non-profit organizations and government. Its solutions are EMMES AdvantageEDCS(SM), is an effective tool that helps sponsors safely conduct clinical studies while meeting the time and business commitments required to bring products to market and EMMES GlobalTrace(SM), a premier materials management capability tracks specimens in real-time, from the time of collection at a clinical site to the arrival at a central laboratory or repository which is essential for many research projects and clinical trials.