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The Fool's Mansion

127 Essex St
Salem, MA 01970, US

Category: Clothing

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Salem Main Streets Downtown Guide

Harlequin Hall is the first room you enter in our little mansion here in Salem. It is a whole shop in itself, full of gothic, celtic, wiccan, and victorian jewelry; handbags of every conceivable style (except plain or simple); black t-shirts imprinted with dark themed designs; wide-brimmed victorian hats, alongside newsboy caps; fishnet stockings and red & black striped tights; Edward Gorey lunch boxes; soft sculpture fools, fairies, and dragons.

The Renaissance Room contains our collection of women's attire, like floor length gowns in medieval, gothic, and victorian styles. We carry Shrine, Funhouse, Lip Service, Subterranea, Eternal Love, and our own Fool's Mansion line. You will also find short and sexy party dresses, long skirts, and flowing tops.

His Lordship's Chamber presents a dazzling array of men's attire, like coats from floor length denim military looks to velvet, tapestry and brocades. We have velvet rocker jeans and velvet shirts; pirate shirts and rockabilly shirts; and an extensive collection of men's hats, including top hats, derbys, gamblers, western, outback, pork pie, and be-bop.

The Cloakroom is our most famous room, as we are known for our spectacular collection of capes and capelets. We feature wool with satin linings, brocades, velvets, denim, faux fur, and more.