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UTSOA-CRP Completed Internships

Posted by Mark Tirpak - MSCRP 06?

I completed an internship with the Boys & Girls Club of the Northern Cheyenne Nation during the Spring & Summer of 2005. Through the internship, I helped the Club build its volunteer and fundraising community and capacity. I also helped the Club explore more critically its relationship with various organizations that utilize the Club and community as a service project site.

Through the internship, I launched the Horizons Project and traveled with Northern Cheyenne youth cross-country (Montana to Boston and back by van), visiting heritage sites and colleges with strong American Indian recruiting and student support strategies. In addition, we completed service projects in some of the communities we visited - often with organizations and/or student groups that have done service work in Lame Deer in the past (but not always in partnership with local youth).

The US-based portion of the program dovetailed with an international exchange trip to the UK. The 2005 Horizons program suffered from an ambitious itinerary, vehicle problems, and limited drivers / program facilitators.

While plans for a similar 2006 summer program were cancelled, the long-term objective of the Horizons project - helping Northern Cheyenne youth develop lifelong learning, entrepreneurship, and project planning and management skills while increasing their participation in sustainable community development - are still being realized.

The Club would definitely welcome more interns from the CRP program! For details, please feel free to contact me or Emma Harris - by email or phone at (406) 477-6654 x102


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