The Inuit

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The Inuit people live in Northern Canada in the territory known as Nunavut. As well as, the northern parts of the Northwest Territories, Quebec, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Choose from the resources provided below, to collect information about how you feel the Inuit quality of life is affected by the land, natural resources, and bodies of water:

This is a great resource, with a lot of great information. Focus on the tabs at the top of the page to navigate (Introduction, History, Daily Life, and Culture)

This is another good resource, but is more challenging to read through.

Take a look at these pictures, what do you notice about each? Do you notice anything about quality of life?

This is another student-friendly resource you can use to gather some information and ideas about the way and quality of life in the Inuit community.

This is a video talking up Nunavut. Watch this video, and think about how some of these things would affect the quality of life of the Inuit.

Did anything surprise you while learning about Nunavut and the Inuit way and quality of life?