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The Woodlands

E. Laurel Ridge Drive
Port Clinton, Ohio 43452

Category: Catawba Island Developments

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Catawba Island Homes

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Enjoy the feel of a residential community in the heart of vacaionland! The Woodlands offers quality built homes with mature landscaping and large yards. From newer colonial homes to brick ranch style homes you can find it here. The Woodlands is situated on a quite cul de sac on the West side of Catawba Island. Enjoy a short stroll to Lake Erie for sunsets or enjoy hiking Cedar Meadow's trails, as it is, an excellent spot for migratory songbirds that are preparing to cross the lake in spring, or have just made the crossing in fall.

Situated just adjacent to LeMarin and waterside of Colony Club Estates, The Woodlands separates itself with a private wooded environment that makes you feel secluded and away from the daily grind. A truly special living experience awaits you here on the West Side of Catawba Island. Contact The Catawba Island Homes Team today to find what home are currently for sale or coming soon.


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