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Trinity Laboratories, Inc

201 Kiley Drive, P.O. Box 1818
Salisbury, MD 21801, USA

Category: Diagnostic/Imaging; Research Services & Supplies

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Trinity Laboratories, Inc is specialized in design, manufacturing and marketing of medical devices for the health care industry. The company's mission is to provide quality cost-effective products and service to the customers.

Trinity's product categories include: Bulb Syringes, Dressing Change/Wound Management Trays, Hydrogel Dressings, I.V. Start Kits, Instrument Trays, Instruments (Bulk Non-Sterile), Instruments(Sterile Single-Use), Laceration Trays, Mucous Specimen Traps, Skin Staple Removers, Suction Catheter Kits, Suture Removal Kits, Towels/Drapes(Bulk Non-Sterile), Tracheostomy Care Sets, Wound Care Supplies (Bulk Sterile), Wound Management Trays, and Yankauer Suction Instruments. Its other products include: Biopsy Trays, Catheterization Insertion Packs, Circumcision Trays, Eye Trays, Irrigation Trays, O.R. Prep Scrub Trays and Standard Foley System Packs.