Tsengdok Monastery Association

1502 Angus Dr
Vancouver, BC V6J 4H3, CA

Category: Religious Sites

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Vancouver's Tsengdok Monastery was founded in 2006 through the dedication and hard work of the diasporic community in Vancouver. Spiritual practice at the Monastery provides support for new immigrants in the community.

Tsengdok Rinpoche advocates Buddhist ideals of harmony, and world peace. His followers carry forth the dharma through cultural activities, humanitarian projects, and the practice of group meditation to calm and purify the mind. The Monastery's shrine room includes shrines for Je Tsongkhapa and his spiritual sons, and contains many sacred statues and painted thangkas from Nepal and India. The Monastery is primarily used for spiritual practice, making offerings, and receiving blessings and purifications. They offer regular dharma courses and Tibetan Language Courses. The Monastery is open to the public.