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United Auto Workers Hall

221 Dewey Ave
Rochester, NY 14608, US

Category: Meeting Site

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The United Auto Workers (UAW-CIO) first came to Rochester in 1951 to organize the workforce at Rochester Products Division of GM (now Delphi). The union lost the first election of April 22, 1952 by 237 votes. The second election, held April 30, 1953, was successful with a vote of 2222 to 1131. The women who worked on the second campaign are credited with turning the tide by organizing the many women who worked in the plant. This building was bought by UAW Local 1097 in 1956 and was dedicated on October 20, 1957, with International UAW President Leonard Woodcock presiding. Forty two years later, on October 27, 1999, this was the site of a reception and rally featuring national AFL-CIO president John Sweeney.


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