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198 Log Canoe Circle
Stevensville, MD 21666, USA

Category: Medical Devices

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Vapotherm is engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of respiratory devices that improve clinical outcomes, reduce overall delivery costs and improve quality of life for patients.

Vapotherm's breakthrough technology centers on the benefits of high flow delivery of breathing gases through a patented process for heating and humidification. The company uses its patented membrane transfer technology to saturate a stream of air and/or oxygen, the Vapotherm(TM) system is able to generate a high flow of warm vapor. This warm humid gas is administered to the patient via nasal cannula, resulting in the delivery of the maximum amount of humidity deep into the patient's airway with minimal condensation or dilution with room air. These attributes - high flow, vapor humidity and warmth permits potential treatment applications in a broad range of chronic lung diseases and airway inflammations as well as other, non-respiratory indications.

Vapotherm's products include: Vapotherm 2000i, a respiratory therapy device that allows high flow of breathing gases to be delivered by a narrow tube such as a nasal cannula or other patient interfaces, using patented membrane technology to warm and saturate the gas stream; Precision Flow(TM), a high flow heat and humidification device for the non-invasive delivery of inspired gas flows from 1 to 40 liters per minute; Flowrest®, high flow therapy device designed specifically for homecare and other low acuity environments; and Insolare(TM), next step in developing precision delivery of High Flow Therapy.

Vapotherm has collaborations with Acuity Medical, Inc., Universal Hospital Services, Inc., Bemes, Inc., Northeast Ventilator, Inc and O.E. Meyer Co.