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Veracity Biotechnology, LLC

5 South Wisner St.
Frederick, MD 21701, USA

Category: BioManufacturing; Research Services & Supplies; Suppliers (CRO)

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Veracity Biotechnology, LLC is a biotechnology company. The company was founded in 2005.

Veracity Biotechnology's products include: HIV-1 Integrase Assay Kit, EZ-1700, HIV-1 Integrase Protein, EZ-1794, TeloExpress Quantitative Telomerase Detection Kit, XT-100 and 96-Well RNA Purification Kits and 96-Well DNA Purification Kits. The company's drug discovery is focused on Fibrosis, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, and Small Molecule Drugs to Treat Fibrosis.

Veracity Biotechnology's contract research services include: HIV-1 integrase assay services, Telomerase activity determinations, Bovine viral diarrhea virus antiviral evaluation assays, Buccal swab DNA isolation, Molecular cloning, TaqMan real-time (RT-)PCR, Drug lead in vitro cytotoxicity testing and Drug lead in vitro cytotoxicity testing.