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Versailles Restaurant and Café

3555 Sw 8th St/sr-90/tamiami Trl/us-41
Miami, FL 33135, US
(305) 444-0240

Category: Business

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Marko's Miami - Little Havana, Exiles on Mainstreet

This Little Havana restauant is the town square of the Cuban exile community. Opened by Felipe Valls, Sr. in 1971, its open late and offers a wide variety of Cuban dishes. There is a seperate cafe with a windowa which faces SW 8th street. Packed at all hours, its a great place to gossip and to see friends and community celebrities. If anything that occurs of relavance to the Cuban exile community the place gets absolutely jammed with people. At the time of addition of this marker the place has been one of the few spots where demonstrators have been gathering for four days and nights after Fidel Castro ceded power to his brother before he went in for emergency surgery for intestinal bleeding. I have friend who was teargassed in front the day after Elian Gonzales was taken into custody. No matter what your politics, this is often an exciting place to be!


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