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Vignanello's Castle

Piazza della Repubblica, 9
Vignanello, Lazio 01039, IT
Tel. e fax 0761-755338

Category: Villa&Castle

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In the Viterbese, that it boasts the highest historical world-wide concentration than garden, the garden to the Italian has caught up its maximum expression perhaps and Vignanello represents the more elegant, more sophisticated example and more celebrated all over the world. The property has been formed round to rocca of the friars Benedictines constructed in year 853, when this territory belonged to the Papal State. The first feudataria was Beatrice Farnese in 1531. Five years after, to its dead women, Pope Paul III Farnese confirmed the descendancys to the Ortensia daughter, married to Strains Marescotti. The construction second endured one transformation the Ghibelline architectonic outlines, on design of the Sangallo. The castle therefore as it is looked at today was intentional in the 1610 from the moglie of Marc' Antonio Marescotti, Ottavia Orsini, daughter of the creator of the evocative garden of Bomarzo, that it has left indelebile trace of its love for this place: the own ones begin they and those of its two sons Sforza and Galeazzo, allowing therefore the sure dating of the birth of the garden. In the 1704 castle taken the Ruspoli name, with the obligation to hand on the name and today is still summery residence of the descendants of the same family. The annexed garden accommodates one of more applauds to you parterre of the 1600's; the great pianeggiante and rectangular space is crossed in length and width from four tree-lined avenues, that they define twelve parterre of boxwood aligns to you and squared that they enclose to the center a great bathtub recinta from four arched of balustrades. These "sculptures vegetables", in origin of salvia and rosmarino, confer to the place the clearness of a separated geometric design. Although the changes of style, above all to the fine 1700's with the fashion of the broderies French, the garden has been maintained intact miraculously.


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