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Villa Bellaria Tamba

Via Bastia Vecchia 120
Lugo, Emilia Romagna 48022, IT
tel. e fax +39 545.74109

Category: Villa&Castle

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Villa Bellaria Tamba - Exclusive location for events, ceremonies, business meeting
Villa Bellaria Tamba is located in the green countryside near Lugo, in the village of San Bernardino. It is an eighteenth-century villa, at first residency of the Rondinelli noble family, then of the Pasolini earls, and finally the summer residency of the Tamba family, who still hold the propriety in the person of Mrs Tamba. One typical Romagna-style feature is its sobre compactness, although lightened by the mixtilinear decoration of the front door and by the denticular pediment of the central body.


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