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Villa Carlotta

Ente Villa Carlotta Via Regina 2
Tremezzo, Lombardei, ITALY
Photo: +39 0344 40405-Fax: +39 0344 43689

Category: Villa&Castle

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Marvellous high-class residence on the western shore of Lake Como constructed in 1690 by the Milanese banker Giorgio Clerici and donate by the princess Marianna of Nassau, wife of Albert of Prussia, to her daughter Carlotta for her wedding with the Duke of Sassonia Meiningen. Villa Carlotta hosts very important works of art of Canova, Appiani, Hayez and antique furniture, acquired by the Marquis of Sommariva. Really of great value and evocation the landscape garden, realised by the Dukes of Sassonia-Meiningen (19th century), with the well famous azaleas, rhododendra, the bamboo collection and the ancient agricultural tools deposit. The Villa is managed since 1927 by a board called “Ente Villa Carlotta”.


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