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Villa Casalini

Via del Palazzo, 5
Ozzano dell'Emilia, Emilia Romagna 40064, IT

Category: Villa&Castle

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On ending of XVI the century the "Borghetto of the Bridge" was already flourishing, alias "bridge de' Galliums" risen on the poderi yielded from the accounts Strains to the family of the from Bologna notables Galliums, in the point in which the Quaderna torrent s' it intersects with the Stradelli Guelfi. With the aid of the correspondences and registries of the parochial archives of S. Maria of the Quaderna and with the bibliographical support of the volume "Ozzano of the Emilia Cultural Territory and Assets" (Common edition of Ozzano and Institute Cultural Assets), desume that between the buildings of greater relief, there was the today famous construction like Casalini Villa or Ex-Capito Palace it of S. Peter or Palace Dr. Pini of the RR. Understood it of S. Peter, that it evidences in some its you leave characteristic architectonic and structural typical of the coloniche houses of the XV/XVI century. We do not know with certainty if the construction belonged, on ending of 1500 the family Galliums, or if it already were of property of the rich possidenti Pasi. It is sure but that in the 1595 Caspar Pasi and the moglie Ippolita Lions they had jus the patronage on the church of S. Maria of the Quaderna. Which tito it, then, the building has been yielded to the Canonical ones of Understood it of S. Peter, it is not given to know it to us. From the end of XVII the century until the beginning of XIX the such palace it remained of property of the Church. In napoleonica age, on the wake of the expropriation of the ecclesiastical assets, it sets up from Napoleone Bonaparte, the palace came incorporated from the National and sold Federal property, in 1810/1811 to the from Milan citizen Ignazio Morardelli. Between the 1865 and 1880 palace of Ex-Capito it of S. Peter, united to the poderi Prugnola, Casalini House, S. Property Giovanni and Vigna (all former property of Understood it of S. Peter and subsequently of Ignazio Morardelli) turned out of property of Francisco Casalini.


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