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Villa Foscarini

Via Doge A. Pisani, 1
Stra, Veneto 30039, IT
Tel. 0499801091

Category: Villa&Castle

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This was the residence of Marco Foscarini, Procurator of Venice and future Doge - friend of the writer Gaspare Gozzi, author of the celebrated history of the princess Turandot, later set to music by Giacomo Puccini. The names of the architects who worked on Villa Foscarini-Rossi are truly distinguished. The complex seems to have been built by Vincenzo Scamozzi in the mid-seventeenth century. The architect drew his inspira-

tion from projects by Andrea Palladio but the present form dates from alterations carried out in the neo-classical period by Giuseppe Jappelli. In the Barchessa (the colonnaded grange) in 1652 on the occasion of the marriage of G.B. Foscarini the kaleidoscopic decorations in the grand salon we-
re realised. The extraordinary perspective paintings were the work of Domenico Bruni (1591-1666) who, satisfied with his achievement, set his unequivocal signature to the cornice. For the frescoes, the names Pietro Ricchi and Sebastiano Mazzoni have been mentioned, though the most likely attribution would seem to be to Pietro Liberi. The splendid columns and spectacular architectonic views evoke baroque settings by Handel or Vivaldi. The scenes show the allegories of War, Peace, and the Arts and Sciences, while Time, Genius and Fame survey the spectator from the ceiling. The grand salon of the Barchessa (the colonnaded grange) has exceptionally fine acoustics and is used for concerts and receptions. In the villa, it is possible to visit the Museum of Footwear, the shoe being a highly sought-after item of fashion and symbol of the craftsmanship on the banks of the Brenta.


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