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Villa Marcello Marinelli

Via Pio X
31030 Cison Di Valmarino Tv, Italy, IT

Category: Villa&Castle

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Surrounded by the splendid green hills of the Prosecco vineyards, Villa Marcello Marinelli faces onto the central square of the antique village of Cison di Valmarino at the foot of the Trevisan pre-alps. Filled with elegance, magic and emotion, it is the ideal haven for those who wish to pass moments of absolute comfort and relaxation, cradled in the enchanting sixteenth century Venetian atmosphere. The Villa has six bedrooms and seven suites elegantly furnished, every detail carefully thought out and with good taste. In this setting, with love of details, even the most sophisticated palate can be satisfied by the “haute cuisine” of the refined restaurant “La Corte del Majno” distinguished by the charming mullioned windows which face the square and the internal courtyard and offers the chance to taste exquisite dishes in the atmosphere which brings to mind so much of the noble origins of the Villa.