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Villa Monastero

Viale Giovanni Polvani
Varenna, Lombardia 23829, IT
Phone: +39 0341 295450-Fax: +39 0341 295441

Category: Villa&Castle

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Villa Monastero today is one of the most interesting examples of an eclectic style residence on lake Como; here the interventions from the end of XIX and the beginning of XX century have added functional and decorative elements without damaging the traces of the building’s history (in fact it has developed from the continual restoration work of the ancient cistercensian monastery). In 1953 it became a Congress Centre for high level studies. From the 1977 the Villa belongs to C.N.R. (National Counsel for Research). In 1996 the new Province of Lecco took over the Centre’s cultural service by stipulating an agreement with the C.N.R., owner of the buildings, and founding the Institution "Villa Monastero".


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