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Villa San Fermo

Via San Fermo
36045 Lonigo Vi, Italy, IT
Tel. 0444 834172

Category: Villa&Castle

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The "Saint Villa Fermo" is is a stay place where to pass pleasant days of vacation it is a House of Spiritualità that filler on omonimo the hill of Lonigo the gathering and prayer climate that has characterized these atmospheres since X the century. To that age in fact laughed them the first takeover of monaci the Benedictines, to which later on the Canonical laity of S. are subentrati George in Seaweed, than in centuries XV-XVI they have constructed one wonderful abbey to you, transformed in residential villa, during the slid century, from the Giovanelli principles. From some decades the complex of S. Fermo is returned in the hands of the religious ones, at first of the Jesuits and hour of the Pavoniani, than of it they have cured the restoration and thrown again the apostolic purpose, with the encouragement of the bishop of Vicenza. The Saint Villa Fermo directed from Religious the Pavoniani is to disposition of ecclesiali groups and the Christian communities for days of withdrawal and spiritual exercises, for moments of prayer and formation, for convention, refresher course and encounter of cultural and social character, banquet of wedding, several recurrence.


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