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Villa Valle

Viale Regina Margherita, 1
Valdagno, Veneto 36078, IT

Category: Villa&Castle

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Villa Goes them is the more important villa for architectonic value of Valdagno. Currently it accommodates the Civic Library (clicca on the yellow card in order to better know the library City Lights High Vicentino), the Historical Archives and the Civic Gallery of Modern Art. Originally it constituted the main building of an immense building complex that was developed on its side orients them, demolished in years Fifty. The villa was erected between the end of the 1600's and first of the 1700's and comes attributed, from the historian of the art Renato Cevese, to padovano architect Girolamo Frigimelica Roberti. In first years Eighty it was donated from the Marzotto siblings to the city of Valdagno with the engagement to assign it to cultural center to entitle the father Gaetano junior Marzotto. An participation of restoration, planned and directed from the architect To Pereswiet Soltan, has concurred to give back to the building to a public use consono to the artistic value of the villa, respecting some the original aspect. A wide and luminous hall of honor, than is opened on the main facades, it is risen until the first plan, and is embellished from four doors impreziosite from a fronton adorned with figures all round; it comes used is for the reading and consultation of reviews and books from the library is like knows it conferences. The lateral rooms to the hall are used to the flat earth for the library while to the Association of Bologna, connected from an elegant balcony in wood, are used to the historical archives. The buried plan is constituted from two halls, with ceiling in times to cruise, between communicating they. Recently, with the sistemazione of the ancient access under road, renewed in the espositive equipments, City of Valdagno has become the center permanent of the manifestations of the Civic Gallery.