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Villa Valmarana ai Nani

Via dei Nani, 8
Schio, Veneto 36015, IT
Phone-fax: 0444 321803

Category: Villa&Castle

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The Villa is constituted from a complex of three manufactured: the mansion, the foresteria, the scuderie. The foresteria and the scuderie are work of Francisco Muttoni. It frescoes inner to work of G.B. Tiepolo and from the Giandomenico son. They are represents you the capolavori of the universal literature, from the Eneide to the Freed Gerusalemme. The life of the noble ones and the peasants, the moments of the carnival of Venice situates to you in the rooms of the foresteria is to work of the son.Opening time: dal 05/3 al 5/11
Visiting hours: Tue. - Sun. 10-12 15-18
Admission: € 6, more than 15 pax: € 5, schools: € 3
Remarks: in different times for groups of min 15 pers. by booking


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