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Villa Vigoni

Via Giulio Vigoni 1
Menaggio, 22017, LOMBARDIA
0039 034436111

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In February 1983 don Ignazio Vigoni Medici di Marignano, the last descendant of a renowned Italian-German family, which was heirless, left in inheritance his whole property at Loveno di Menaggio to the German Federal Republic. This property consisted of pieces of land, labourers’ cottages and two 19th century-villas: Villa Mylius Vigoni and Villa Garovaglio Ricci. In this place Germany and Italy decided to found and finance a meeting centre in order to implement the cultural and scientific relations between Italy and Germany, privileging in particular the field of education. Three years later Villa Vigoni was created as an Italian-German association to organize and host meetings, seminars, artistic events (sometimes with study grants). The institutions, which the associations mainly refer to, are the German BMBF (Federal Ministry for Education and Research) and the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
The enchanting landscape, the beauty and the elegance of the buildings, the history of the families who inhabited them, the prestige and the variety of the art collections make Villa Vigoni one of the most charming centres in Europe.


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