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The Westwinds is not only one of the first neighborhoods that emerged in Avon Lake, but is also one of the most coveted places of residency in this small town. Built in the 1980s, the classic design of the Westwinds Condos has truly stood the test of time. This neighborhood is a combination of single-family homes and condominiums, attracting buyers of many ages. The Westwinds has a unique neighborhood feel.

The Westwinds Condos are tucked away in two locations within the development of the Westwinds. If prospective buyers areWestwinds Condos for Sale seeking variety to choose from, the Westwinds Condos are sure to please a wide range of buyers. Two of the greatest amenities offered are the pools and the tennis courts. Depending on the location of your Westwinds Condo, you will be assigned to either the North or South pool and can choose the tennis court of your convenience. Avon Lake truly is a hot commodity of the western suburbs of Cleveland.

There are many things to love about the Westwinds Condos. The variety, the upgrades, and the awesome neighborhood feel are only to name a few reasons why buyers fall in love. Contact the Avon Lake Living Team for your private showing of the Westwinds Condos today!


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