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Wrongful death cases arise when someone is killed as a result of wrongful or careless acts of another person, company, agency, etc. These cases can be hard difficult because it must be shown that the other person’s behavior resulted in the death. Today, we want to look at some common ways we see these cases arise.

Vehicle accidents – there were more than 3,000 fatal vehicle crashes during Florida’s latest reporting year. Many of these deaths were caused by impaired drivers, distracted drivers, and those driving too fast for conditions. When another driver’s negligence causes a fatality, they should be held accountable.

Medical errors – it is hard to believe that medical mistakes are now the third leading cause of death in the US. They happen as a result of medical mistakes, errors when diagnosing patients, surgical errors, infections, and more.

Faulty products – if you look at the government website that tracks current recalls, you will see faulty products in every industry. This includes foods, medications, vehicles, furniture, appliances, toys, and more. Millions of people are affected by fault products a year.

Workplace accidents – while most workplace accidents are not fatal, sometimes extreme negligence on the part of coworkers or employers ends up causing someone to lose their lives.

These are just a few ways that we see wrongful death cases show up, but you should always speak with a qualified attorney about your particular case. There are many other ways that people sustain personal injuries, including dog bites and attacks, slip and fall accidents, violence, and more.