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Zyngenia Inc

21 Firstfield Road
Gaithersburg, MD, USA

Category: Biotechnology/Biopharmaceutical

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Zyngenia Inc is a biotherapeutics company focused on the development of next-generation of antibody-derived drugs called Zybodies(TM). It was founded in 2008 and was engaged in the research and development of creating therapies for patients who have unmet medical needs in cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Zyngenia uses proprietary technology to enable the development of single molecular entities that address two or more targets, by combining the activity of two or more biologic therapies into one protein (known as a Zybody(TM)). In addition, the technology will also be applied to drug targets that have not been reachable through the use of traditional, single specificity, monoclonal antibodies. Since the technology is based on intact antibodies, the company believes that the molecules generated will possess desirable effector and pharmacokinetic properties that are mediated through the Fc regions.

Zyngenia's investor is New Enterprise Associates, Inc. It has partnership with Selexis SA and Antitope Ltd.