North Beach, San Francisco


Although I loved my apartment in Lower Pacific Heights, this one is working out pretty well too. This is my current home, tucked beneath Russian Hill in San Francisco, just below the curvy part of Lombard st and a few blocks from the heart of North Beach. [Zoom In] [Zoom Out]




San Francisco

North Beach

The Apartment

A view of the apartment from across the street.

The Curvy Part of Lombard St

You can see the curvy part of Lombard St from the apartment. Loads of tourists visit every day.

The Backyard

We have a nice little backyard that gets lots of sun and not too much wind. Very nice.

A View of Downtown

This is a view of downtown San Francisco from the roof of the apartment.

A View of the Bay

Another view from the roof, here you can see the bay in the distance.

Places I Have Lived

This is a map of all the places in the world I have lived for some extended period of time. It is also a sample community for CommunityWalk.

It is a good example of using the special functions in the descriptions for each location. In this community it allows me to walk people through a timeline or story of sorts that describes each place I have lived in, in chronological order. So, let's get started with the house I grew up in in Concord, MA and we'll end it with my current apartment.

Note: This is advanced functionality and I am working on a tutorial on how to accomplish what I've done here in your own map.