Homer Ave, Palo Alto


Man, college was a picnic compared to the first three months of the real world! I lived here for about three months, desperately seeking a job in Silicon Valley. Eventually my joblessness wore thin on my roommate and my wallet and I packed up and moved down the street to a less expensive apartment. [Zoom In] [Zoom Out]




Palo Alto

Places I Have Lived

This is a map of all the places in the world I have lived for some extended period of time. It is also a sample community for CommunityWalk.

It is a good example of using the special functions in the descriptions for each location. In this community it allows me to walk people through a timeline or story of sorts that describes each place I have lived in, in chronological order. So, let's get started with the house I grew up in in Concord, MA and we'll end it with my current apartment.

Note: This is advanced functionality and I am working on a tutorial on how to accomplish what I've done here in your own map.