The Jaws of Death


The Jaws of Death were renamed to The Balconies for fear of scaring away international tourists who were superstitious about the names of the places they would visit. The steel rails had been cut off illegally for a photographic shoot but they have probably been replaced by now.

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(Requires JAVA)





Grampians N.P.

Big Ben's Virtual Victoria

The site contains interactive panoramas of Victoria, Australia photographed by Ben Kreunen (with the odd detour interstate). Most of the panoramas are displayed using PTViewer and as such will require JAVA to run properly. The numbers in brackets at the end of some of the location titles indicate the number of panoramas at that location (if there are more than one).

Most of the panoramas here are displayed using a Java applet (PTViewer). I have had reports of problems using IE (Mac only) and Firefox (Win & Mac) although Firefox will usually work for a while.