City Square

Metropolitan Melbourne

The city square has undergone a number of reincarnations but it never really seemed to function as a central focus for a thriving city. The latest reincarnation included allowing the development of a hotel on the eastern side, making it not much more than the front yard of the hotel.

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Big Ben's Virtual Victoria

The site contains interactive panoramas of Victoria, Australia photographed by Ben Kreunen (with the odd detour interstate). Most of the panoramas are displayed using PTViewer and as such will require JAVA to run properly. The numbers in brackets at the end of some of the location titles indicate the number of panoramas at that location (if there are more than one).

Most of the panoramas here are displayed using a Java applet (PTViewer). I have had reports of problems using IE (Mac only) and Firefox (Win & Mac) although Firefox will usually work for a while.