Genova Panoviews

Map With Panoramics

Click on the link above to go to the Genova Panoviews CommunityWalk Map!

Straight from Italy comes the newest panoramic addition to CommunityWalk!

Che Bella!



Panoramic Communities

This is the second sample community for CommunityWalk. It highlights an organizational technique of CommunityWalk. Each of the markers on this map is actually a link to another community that has, in this case, panoramic shots.

This is a great organizational tool that I am planning to use to organize my vacations. I'll have a map with one marker per vacation. Clicking on the a marker's link will bring the viewer to the map of my vacation.

If you create a panoramic community feel free to add it to this map. You'll need to be logged in to do so.

Update: CommunityWalk now allows you to display any content from any other website in the context of the map using the new "window" function. More information about this on the blog