Big Ben's Virtual Victoria

Map With Panoramics

From Big Ben:
QTVR panoramas from Victoria, Australia
It's going to take me a while to do some conversions to QTVR. Watch this space. [Big Bens Virtual Victoria]


Panoramic Communities

This is the second sample community for CommunityWalk. It highlights an organizational technique of CommunityWalk. Each of the markers on this map is actually a link to another community that has, in this case, panoramic shots.

This is a great organizational tool that I am planning to use to organize my vacations. I'll have a map with one marker per vacation. Clicking on the a marker's link will bring the viewer to the map of my vacation.

If you create a panoramic community feel free to add it to this map. You'll need to be logged in to do so.

Update: CommunityWalk now allows you to display any content from any other website in the context of the map using the new "window" function. More information about this on the blog