Frontier Park

West Side Parks

Valley Formed by cascade creek, and many moderate to steep hills, the development is mostly focused on the north west side of the park, it contains 6 lighted tennis courts, playground with slides and swings, bike path. Soccer field is located by the low land area near the creek. this park has lots of running and playing area with enough to still have that quite picnic, amphitheater located close to the playground. The Jazz Festival is also hosted at the north east side of the park. lots of trees, benches, shade and this park contains a labyrinth.

West Side

United States



1501 W 6th St

Tennis Courts

Lighted Tennis Courts

Playground, swings, Monkey Bars


Close up of Slides, and Swings

Close up of Amphitheater

View of Labyrinth

NE. Near where the Jazz Festival Is Hosted

NE. View of Frontier Park across from Romalos

NE. Corner Location of Jazz Festival

View of a Pavilion

Adopt-A-Park Program