Beehive Trail

Hikes / Trails

MODERATE / DIFFICULT - There are 2 trails up to the top of Beehive - 1 is a moderate climb, the other is more DIFFICULT and not recommended for small children - iron rungs on ledges of exposed cliffs. Your party can split at a trail head and meet up with each other at the top. The more DIFFICULT climb is to the RIGHT when the trail splits.

TRAIL STARTS - 100 feet north of Sand Beach Parking Area.

ROUNDTRIP DISTANCE - 0.8 miles (1.3 km)

SUMMIT HEIGHT - 540 ft (165 m)

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Bar Harbor

Park Loop Rd

Acadia Vacation Planner - Sample Map

A sampling of what Acadia Vacation Planner can do. This sampler includes a restaurant, a hiking trail, a kayak rental shop & a general point of interest in the Bar harbor area.