John and Kizzie [Comer] Littrell, East Prairie, MO

Littrell Family Homesteads

Homestead and site of several reunions of John Daniel & Kizzie Zore [Comer] Littrell.
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The homestead is located on the corner of Goose Lane and Duck Circle (the western intersection). There appears to be to structures, I think they're house trailers, next to where the house and behind where the garage use to be. Across Goose Lane (between it and 105) is the drive-up Liquor store that we used to get Slim Jims at, and behind it appears to be a house and yard were on some evenings in the summer Kizzie and I would go to and watch color TV with her neighbor ( ? ). It was a house trailer back then (mobile home). (After we moved to Indianapolis Richard and I would spend a couple of weeks in the summer with Kizzie & John)

The open field to the north of the homestead is where the watermelon patch was (where we (Richard & I) use to steal watermelons from even though we didn't have to)

If you scroll the map to go north to where Duck Lane turns west, follow the tree line east until it goes north where it meets the creek. Either here or the tree clump just north is where the swimming hole was. It had a Semi cab dumped into the creek which we used to dive from until it rusted to much, there was also a rope swing. When we weren't skinny dipping there we were c@ne pole fishing. Grandma Kizzie went there with us once to fish, but between the distance and the slim fishing she didn't go often. It now amazes me how much Kizzie walked even though she was always hobbled with arthritis, she would walk to Aunt Claude’s, the store, everywhere with that old age side to side wobbling motion.

I believe Aunt Claude’s was on the western branch of Duck Circle between Goose Lane & W Stork Lane ( ? ) on the west side of the street.

Littrell Family Places

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