Hunt & Kosh Hot Springs

Hot Springs-soakable

GPS GeoCoords: 41.033722, -121.931484

A spectacular valley near scenic Mount Shasta is the setting for a relaxing little getaway spot called Hunt Hot Springs. To make your visit a great one, bring along a bucket to carry water from a nearby creek, in case you want to cool down the very warm pools here.

There are several 105F hot spring-fed rock and cement pools, including one that holds four people, and a soaking tub.

Up and over the hill from Hunt Hot Springs, is a really special place: a tiny, two-person rock pool called Kosh Hot Springs and built by volunteers. Tucked away, this nearly hidden jewel is warmed by 104-degree water.

Note: The following directions were suggested (threatened, actually) as the way to reach the hot springs without violating posted, no trespassing private property. I respect private property . . . all they had to do was ask. Rick

Directions: Directions to Hunt and Kosk Creek Hot Springs... *Please use these directions and delete the other directions that commonly direct people across sensitive private land (please do not drive to or walk down the dirt roads to the hot springs!): From Redding, go east on Highway 299 about 35 miles to Big Bend Road (exit is for the town of Big Bend). Turn north (left) on Big Bend Road and follow it about 16 miles to Big Bend. After you reach the Pit Stop Store in Big Bend, drive across the Pit River bridge (pavement ends and road veers left). Continue on this road, which is now Forest Service Road 11, for two miles, where you will park before/near the bridge. (*Details: After .8 miles, FS 3702 turns to the right, but keep going straight on the main road/FS11 until you come to the bridge over Kosk Creek, where FS11 turns left onto the bridge and heads towards McCloud.) Park near the bridge (do not go over the bridge). Step into the cow pasture and walk downstream along Kosk Creek. Keep right, and stay on the trail that hugs the creek. (*Detail: there is a trail that veers left toward a fence, through the pasture on left, but it is less direct and crosses the posted “no trespassing” into a different private property, so just stay right.) The hot springs are just past the sandy bluff, right on the edge of the creek. To find Kosk Hot Springs from Hunt, take the steep trail just behind the pools up and over the hill. It will lead you back down to Kosk Creek. As you approach the creek, you'll see the pool. It's a small, rock-walled pool at the edge of the creek.




Lassen National Park

near Big Bend Hot Springs

Hunt Hot Springs

Kosh HS Pool

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