Tibetan Cultural Society of British Columbia

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The Tibetan Cultural Society of British Columbia (TCSBC) works to preserve Tibetan culture and heritage, and to promote the non-violent principles of His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama of Tibet. They host events throughout the year including conferences, seminars, courses, and celebrations to develop the Tibetan cultural community in BC.

In 2010, following an appeal by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Government of Canada announced that they would facilitate the immigration of up to 1,000 Tibetans living in the Indian State of Arunachal Pradesh. As a result, in addition to their cultural programming, the TCSBC now operates as a settlement organization helping Tibetans resettle in the Greater Vancouver area.

The TCSBC, like the NCSBC, is an important Himalaya Program partner. Consultation with the TCSBC was a fundamental step in developing the Language Partner Program, and it was through TCSBC networks that the we were able to find a wonderful teacher for the Tibetan language course. The TCSBC’s involvement in Himalaya Program events is key to their success, and the TCSBC input and engagement with the Program is a vital to our function. Through our collaboration, the the TCSBC and the Himalaya Program are bridging the divide between the community and the university.

Contact: Tenzin Gyurme, President at tcsbcpresident@gmail.com





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Himalayan Resources

This Resources is a curated list of businesses, NGOs, religious sites, and community organizations related to the Himalayan community in the Lower Mainland.

The UBC Himalaya program is working to build an interdisciplinary hub for sharing knowledge about the Himalayan region, drawing upon faculty expertise, student engagement, and community partnerships. We see our website as a resource for anyone interested in the Himalayas to network, connect, and learn by engaging with the Himalayan community in Metro Vancouver.