Mark Larsen Memorial Show

Artist(s) at Host Location

Mark David Larsen
June 11, 1946 – October 11, 2016

Mark’s exquisite paintings reflect his love of nature and his appreciation of color and form. An art major graduate of PSU, Mark painted for more than 40 years and was an original SE Area ARTWalk artist with founder and friend Rin Carroll Jackson.

Mark was a superb still life painter, but was partial to creating landscapes. He was one of Portland’s most prolific plein air artists. Indeed, one of his joys was painting outside, taking in Oregon’s great beauty and reproducing his delight and inspiration in his art. Having traveled in his trusty VW van, he could as easily be found in the fecund paths of Mt. Tabor as in the lavender fields of Willamette Valley, accompanied by his beloved dog Bessie.

His hero was John Singer Sargent, whose work he humbly emulated.

Competitiveness did not enter into Mark’s radar, nor was he interested in commerce. He felt a deep and warm kinship with his fellow artists and was known as an extremely generous, supportive comrade within the art community.

No matter how many people loved his work and praised him as being so very gifted, his answer was always the same –

“Well thank you, but I’m still learning.”




Southeast Portland

3614 SE Division St

Photo by: David Burbach

Hood River Plein Aire

Mt. Tabor

Mark David Larsen

2017 SE Area ARTWalk

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