The Robert J Novins Planetarium


It is 100 degrees in the shade and you have seen all of the kiddie fare at the local multiplex. Or it is a crystal clear night with hundreds of stars in the sky and you do not know where the North Star is. Or the kids are driving you nuts and you want to do something different, check out the Planetarium. They have outdoor sky shows and indoor special events.



Avis at the New Jersey Shore Best Bets

We are a local family owned licensee of Avis Rent a Car System. ( Whether you are a resident of the Shore or just visiting, we want to tell you about the best places to visit in Monmouth, Ocean, Mercer, and Burlington Counties. In addition to our Avis locations, we have added quality restaurants, outstanding stores, and incredible services. You will find some unique places to spend an afternoon no matter what the season. Here is how it works! Play around with the site. Roll your cursor over the different mappoints and click one of the balloons. We have added some details about these unequal spots. Welcome to the New Jersey Shore!!